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TESOL CALL-IS Webcast Presentations from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fair

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Welcome to the

CALL-IS Webcast Sessions

Home Page


The date and time in Seattle WA USA is




Here's a world time zone map to compare your local time. If you're still not sure, you can use this time zone converter

The TESOL Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section is pleased to present live webcasts

from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fair Classics in Seattle WA USA.


Each presentation has its own page, with presen tation title, summary, scheduled time, and presenters' names. As well, each page contains a link to live webcast through YouTube live.  Simply join webcast in progress. 



The CALL-IS Technology Showcase live-streams on this channel



The events archived here are listed in the CALL-IS EV Program Book and online schedule 


The kiosk presentations in the Electronic Village were live-streamed by CALL-IS Roving Reporters


Tuesday, March 21


Wednesday, March 22



Thursday, March 23


Other Roving Reporter Recordings, Thursday


  • Second Language Socialization in a Strategic Online Game -
    Seyyed Abdollah Shahrokni and Mohamed Elhess, 4:00-4:45, https://youtu.be/pKtCVgLPMgQ  
    This video, streamed using Cameleon Live, no longer appears on YouTube



Friday, March 24



Videos accumulate at these channels


All of this has been brought to you by, in part, CALL-IS and ... 


Webcaster team members James May, Jennifer Meyer, Jack Watson, and Abe Reshad


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