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Hot Topics - Digital Literacy (redirected from Hot Topics March 24 8am)

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Digital Literacy

March 24, 2017, 8:00 am - 9:20 am PST


To join this live event, click here

Recording: https://youtu.be/1cKSCpsnj1U


Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
  Taewoong Kim
Empowering through Digital Literacy: ESL Students' Responses to Blogging and VoiceThread  This presentation discusses ESL students' reflective thoughts and responses about how a Digital Literacy (DL)-embedded ESL class helps their learning. A total of 124 international students' reflective journal logs and work examples have been analyzed to explore how DL empowers ESL students.   Link

Baman Kumar Ghimire

Bishwa Raj Gautam

Engaging Young Learners in Online Learning : The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Practices in Nepal  The presentation aims to convey the message how MOOCs are changing the perspective and performance of the high school MOOCers in Nepal. It will also highlight what the challenges are and how we mitigate them ensuring maximum participation and benefit in students developing their digital literacy and English language skills.  TESOL Nepal 
  Suzan Stamper 
 Spam, Hoax Websites, Fake News, Advertisements, and Critical Thinking
This presenter will introduce how spam, hoax websites, fake news, and advertisements were used to teach critical thinking in a tertiary institution in Hong Kong. Topics included logical fallacies (e.g., bandwagon, misinterpreted statistics), appeals (e.g., appeal to pity, appeal to emotion), and strategies for evaluating online sources.   



Presenter Bios: 

Taewoong Kim (tw0622@gmail.com)

Taewoong is a Ph.D. Student, majoring in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum with the concentration on second language education at The University of Oklahoma. After he earned his MA TESOL in 2013, he has taught both ESL and Korean as a Second Language for academic and community purposes for six years. Taewoong's research interests include Computer Assisted Language Learning, Metacognition, Self-efficacy, and Learner Identity. Email: tw0622@gmail.com

Baman Kumar Ghimire (baman.ghimire@gmail.com)

Baman Kumar Ghimire is a high school English teacher from Motherland Secondary School,Nepal with an MA in English literature from Tribhuvan University. With about 17-year-long teaching experience in English  for (3-18) years students, Mr. Ghimire has been recognized by Department of States with Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program-2014, Federal Assistance Award-2016 and Access TESOL Exchange Program-2017. Besides being  recipient of Australian Awards-2014, he is actively involved in Connecting Classrooms project under the British Council in the capacity of an ISA School Coordinator. He has made a number of national/international presentations in ICT in Education. Currently, he is facilitating workshops on Open Online Courses among the high school students in Nepal with the support of RELO, U.S. Embassy, Nepal.

Bishwa Raj Gautam (gautambr@state.gov)

Bishwa Raj Gautam is the U.S. Embassy, Kathmandu’s Regional English Language Office (RELO) Program Specialist for South Asia, covering Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. He has received his master’s degrees in English Language Education in Library and Information Sciences from Tribhuvan University. He has taught English at a number of institutions. Mr. Gautam has published more than ten professional articles and one book and has organized international conferences in Nepal as well as presented at more than 10 International Conferences in Nepal and abroad.

Suzan Stamper (suzan.stamper@yccc.edu.hk)

Suzan is a Senior Lecturer and English Language Team Leader at Yew Chung Community College in Hong Kong.  Her 34-year career includes teaching in universities in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, mainland China, and Hong Kong and also participating in the CALL-IS for 23 years in various roles as proposal reader, Internet Fair organizer, Electronic Village events coordinator, newsletter editor, steering committee member, and chair (for two terms). 

Jack Watson - Moderator (jack.watson@unb.ca)

Jack Watson is the ELP E-learning Coordinator at the University of New Brunswick English Language Programme in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and has more than three decades of experience in teaching ESL/ESOL. Jack’s past involvement with CALL-IS includes presenting in the Electronic Village (EV), coordinating the EV Fair Classics and CALL-IS webcast development, reviewing proposals, and contributing as a steering committee member. Interests include outdoor photography, website building and maintenance, blues guitar, and (still) playing with Siamese cats.


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