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Hot Topics - Gaming in Language Learning (redirected from Hot Topics March 24 130pm)

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Gaming in Language Learning

March 24, 2017, 1:30 pm - 2:50 pm PST


To join this live event, click here

Edited recording: https://youtu.be/cwXZqM7Ih9Q



Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
1:30-1:45  Steve Daniel Przymus
CALL's Role in Supporting Transnational Youth Beyond the Classroom: Encouraging Game-Ecology Language Socialization Spaces  Tremendous amounts of language socialization happen in the game-ecology of online role-playing games.  Blended affinity spaces, supported by schools, where youth meet and play these games, might provide the estimated 1.5 million transnational children on both sides of the US/Mexico border with needed Spanish/English language socialization and acceptance at schools.
1:50-2:05  Reima Abobaker
Augmented Reality (AR) in ESOL Classrooms 

Augmented reality (AR) involves combining real-time 3D computer-generated models into the surrounding environment, creating a powerful learning experience. Attendees will learn to create their own AR activities and will leave with useful resources for lesson development. 


Book Review 

Lesson Plans

Other Resources




Begum Sacak

Saeideh Hossein

Games in Language Learning: An Exploration of MMORPGs and English Language Learners' Perceived Identity
MMORPGs are interactive games where a large number of players gather online within a virtually constructed fantasy world.  In this session, we will talk about how newly constructed identities of game players/language learners relate to language learning in such gaming platforms.   Slides
2:30-2:45  Heike Philp
ViLLAGE - Virtual Language Learning and Gaming Environment



Presenter Bios: 
Steve Daniel Przymus (s.pryzmus@tcu.edu)

Steve Daniel Przymus is an Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education at Texas Christian University. Steve’s experiences as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer (Dominican Republic, 2003-2005), Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Grantee (Mexico, 2010), and 20 years as a U.S. public school teacher has driven his passion for developing and promoting multimodal/multilingual pedagogies that recognize individuals’ full semiotic repertoires and educational life histories.  Steve’s current research focusses on preparing in-service and pre-service teachers to incorporate translanguaing in the K-16 classrooms and supporting the language and identity socialization of emergent bilinguals through developing and promoting out-of-classroom interest-based opportunities for interaction. 

Reima Abobaker (rabobaker@wsu.edu) 

Dr. Reima Abobaker is a postdoctoral researcher in Language, Literacy, and Technology Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Washington State University. She has been teaching English as a Second Language for 8 years. Her research interest is incorporating engaging lesson plans with technology in classroom settings.

Begum Sacak (begumsacak@gmail.com)

Begum Sacak is a PhD candidate in Instructional Technology Department of Ohio University. Her research interests are digital literacy, information literacy, online reading practices, and the use of digital games in language learning. 

Saeideh Hosseini (saeideh.hosseini82@gmail.com) 

Saeideh Hosseini is a PhD candidate in Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Education Department at Ohio University. Her research interests are sociolinguistics and gender and identity. 

Heike Philp (heikephilp@gmail.com)

James May - Moderator (James' email goes here)


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