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On the Cutting Edge March 24 1130am

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On the Cutting Edge: Graduate Student Panels


March 24, 2017, 11:30 am - 1:10 pm PT (Pacific Time Zone)


Location: Convention Center Rooms: 606 -607





Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
11:30 to  

Di Liu

Boston University, USA


Technology-Enhanced Pronunciation Teaching  Using technology as an effective tool and combining theories with practice, this presentation provides ESL/EFL teachers a systematic way to teach pronunciation. This presentation also provides software designers a framework for websites/software/apps development. Attendees are expected to make pedagogical use of and/or develop websites/software/apps based on the technological resources presented. 


TESOL-Technology-Enhanced Pronunciation Teaching.ppt

Sound file:



Dawn Lucovich

Temple University, USA (Lucovich@temple.edu)

Perceptions of Negotiating Technology for Linguistic Landscape (LL) Research  This pilot case study with Japanese university undergraduates (n=20) presents coded and thematically analyzed (Braun & Clark, 2008) written learner and instructor narratives collected during linguistic landscape (LL) research. The issues both learners and instructor encountered while integrating smartphone and cloud technology in a 6-week language project are examined.   

Yelin Zhao

Oklahoma State University, USA (yelin.zhao@okstate.edu)

Collaborative Scaffolding between Native Speaker Tutors and Nonnative Speaker Students in Online Tutoring Sessions
This talk presents the findings of a study that examines how corrective feedback was negotiated through collaborative scaffolding between native speaker tutors and nonnative speaker students in online writing tutorials. The presenter will discuss the ways in which text-based synchronous computer-mediated communication creates learning environment to facilitate L2 student learning. 

 Google Doc


to 1:10 PM 

Xin Chen

Indiana University, USA (chen437@umail.iu.edu)


Computer-assisted Peer Review and Multilingual Students' Motivation in ESL Writing Class
 The motivation of students’ implementation of peer-review skills is under researched in ESL writing classes. This study uses the online instructional tool (Canvas) to compare the outcome of students’ anonymous computer-mediated peer review and their paper-based peer review thus investigating what make East Asian students more accountable for peer review.


TESOL CALL presentation - Xin Chen.pptx



Presenter Bios: 

Di Liu (diliu@bu.edu)

Di Liu is a third-year doctoral fellow at Boston University. He is working with Dr. Marnie Reed on applied phonology and Computer-Assisted Language Learning.  His research includes (1) technology-enhanced pronunciation research and teaching, (2) cross-linguistic comparison and investigation of Mandarin and English discourse prosody, (3) cognitive load imposed by processing native and non-native speech and (4) constraints on intonation as a function of tone inventory structure. 

Dawn Lucovich (Lucovich@temple.edu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature and Culture at Tokyo Josh's University and a Ph.D candidate at Temple University. She currently serves as President of the Tokyo Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching. Her other research interests are vocabulary, assessments, and discourse communities.

Yelin Zhao (yelin.zhao@okstate.edu)

Yelin Zhao is currently a Ph.D. student and graduate teaching associate in the English Department at Oklahoma State University. There, she studies TESL and linguistics. She also teaches research writing, English grammar, and international composition. Her research interests include second language writing, discourse analysis, CALL and writing center studies, specifically with regard to ESL students. She has presented at numerous conferences including SLRF, AAAL, and TESOL.

Xin Chen (chen437@umail.iu.edu) 

Xin Chen is a doctoral student at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB), Indiana, U.S. She received her B.A. in English Language and Literature in China and obtained her Master of Science in Management in UK. Now Xin is pursuing a doctoral degree in Literacy, Culture and Language Education. In the meantime, she is an associate instructor of first-year composition to multilingual students at IUB. Her research area is English academic literacy education for multilingual students. Xin is also interested in exploring technology integration in language teaching and learning. She has been selected for the Leo and Jean Fay Fellowship for 2016-2017. 

Jennifer Meyer - Moderator (jennylynn41069@gmail.com)  

Jennifer Meyer, BA, MA, Ed.S., is an Elementary ESL Specialist at Edmondson Elementary School in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA.  She has been teaching ESL in public and private school settings in the USA and Germany for over 20 years.  She is a member of the TNTESOL 2018 Steering Committee, and the  CALL-IS Steering Committee.  She is also the official webcaster for TNTESOL and works as part of the CALL-IS webcasting team.  She focuses on integrating instructional technology in elementary education and is a regular presenter at TNTESOL, SETESOL and TESOL on topics in the fields of content area instruction, CALL, and dual-served students with special needs.  She serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Marshall County Memorial Library in Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA, and has adopted six rescue pets.  


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