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Mobile Apps for Edu March 23 1pm

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Mobile Apps for Education Showcase


Thursday, March 23, 2017  


1:00 - 2:45 PM (PT) Pacific Time Zone


Location: Convention Center, Rooms 606-607 





To join this live event, click here

Recording: https://youtu.be/BRn1w9_q44c







This Showcase session provides ESOL teachers with the opportunity to demonstrate pedagogical uses for their favorite apps. Participants will be delighted with the variety and breadth of apps demonstrated by these ESOL professionals.





Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
1:00 - 1:10 PM   Phil Rice, University of Delaware, USA (philrice@udel.edu)
Using Phonto to Create Visual Grammar Exercises  In this presentation, participants will learn to utilize the Phonto app with any grammar concept to augment textbook activities and elicit more creative, exciting, and motivating grammatical responses. 

 Websites with Phonto info:


1:10 - 1:20 PM 

Robbie Lee Sabnani, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

(paryrob@singnet.com.sg )

Plickers for Engaged Learning

 The presenter will share on the Plickers app, a useful formative assessment tool for enhanced teaching and active learning without cumbersome set-ups or expensive hardware. Attendees will learn how Plickers can be used to engage students meaningfully and receive immediate data on their progress to manage lessons for differentiated instruction.





1:20 - 1:30 PM 

Oliver Hadingham, Rikkyo University, Japan,

Joe Garner, International Christian University, Japan  
Robert Ashcroft, Tokai University, Japan 

Contact: 5055050@rikkyo.ac.jp

 How Adobe Spark Page Can Transform the Student Portfolio Process
 Adobe Spark Page, a useful Web 2.0 tool for the iPad, can help transform the process of building portfolios. The app allows text and pictures to be blended in a magazine format, viewable on any device. Learn how Spark Page can engage students and encourage them to be more creative.  Spark Page - TESOL handout.pdf
1:30 - 1:40 PM  Robert Bushong, University of Delaware, USA (rbushong@udel.edu)
 Practicing English with HelloTalk
 Learn how to encourage your students to use HelloTalk, a free language partner exchange through which users can practice with each other and receive corrective feedback on message boards, in private chats, and via video. Examples of HelloTalk features and instructional handouts for students are provided
 2017 HelloTalk Handout Robert Bushong.docx
1:40 - 1:50 PM  Katherine Meren Fuchtman, University of Iowa, USA (katherine-merenfuchtman@uiowa.edu)
 Scanbot for Simple Grading & Communication
 Do you want to carry less paper grading, yet allow students to complete work by hand? Use the free app, Scanbot, to quickly create a .pdf of student work for efficient grading. Alternatively, teachers can use this to create .pdfs of printed texts, posters, newspaper articles, etc. without printing.

Presentation: goo.gl/tZGI3k

Additional info:


1:50 - 2:00 PM 

Bee Jenkins, FHI 360, USA

Amy Nunamaker, FHI 360, USA (ae-eteacher@fhi360.org)
Heidi Howland, U.S. Department of State, USA

Curtis Chan, U.S. Department of State, USA

John Mark King, U.S. Department of State, USA


OfficeMix in the Canvas Mobile App OfficeMix is an interactive, cloud-based alternative to traditional slideshows that enhances user and educator engagement in online courses. Instructors can add voice and screen recordings, whiteboard notes, polls, and quizzes without creating LMS storage issues. This presentation will demonstrate OfficeMix within the Canvas LMS mobile app


2:00 - 2:10 PM  Femia Scarfone, American Language Program, USA (escarfone@fullerton.edu
Christie Sosa, University of California, Irvine, USA (csosa@uci.edu)
Your Voice - A Prewriting Tool Without prewriting, even advanced writers will often write simplistic responses to prompts that demand deeper thought. In this 8-10-minute showcase, Google Voice will be demoed to show how it can help students explore a prompt without limitations or concern with errors, leading to insightful responses to a prompt. Handout: 
2:10 - 2:20 PM  Teresa Nguyen, California State University, Fullerton - American Language Program, USA (tenguyen@fullerton.edu
Annie Tran, University of California, Irvine - DCE, USA (atran95@gmail.com)
Learn with ELSA (NOT YOUR DISNEY PRINCESS) ELSA, English Language Speech Assistant, is a personal coach to speaking English accurately and fluently. Like Siri on an iPhone, she will interact with you, providing feedback and pointers as to how to improve pronunciation. Learn how this effortless app can improve your student’s pronunciation anytime, anywhere.


2:20 - 2:30 PM  Nairi Issagholian, California State University Los Angeles, USA (ychoice555@ucla.edu) Marco Polo! Learn to engage your students in authentic discussions with Marco Polo, a fun walkie talkie app that makes it possible to record & share video messages in private groups using your phone. This interactive app helps students to communicate in a creative way & spices up any speaking class!


Marco Polo-TESOL 2017.pdf  

2:30 - 2:40 PM  Char Heitman, University of Oregon, USA (heitman@uoregon.edu) Enhancing Student Engagement and Learning with Peardeck Learn how to create engaging, interactive presentations in which students can use mobile devices to respond to surveys, answer open-ended questions, move data points and more with Peardeck. Presenter will demonstrate slide and survey set up and various software features, including data collection of student responses for formative assessment purposes. TESOL 2017 Peardeck.pptx  

2:40 - 2:45 PM Final Questions & Wrap-up


Presenter Bios: 

Phil Rice (philrice@udel.edu)

Phil Rice has been an English language instructor at the University of Delaware's English Language Institute for the past six years. In the past, he has taught as a freshman composition instructor at SalisburyUniversity in Maryland, facilitated a short term English program in Liberia, West Africa, and worked as  a substitute teacher in New York State public schools.  He enjoys learning new technology, maintaining an ESL website for teachers and students, and discovering new ways to teach English interactively.

Robbie Lee Sabnani, 

Robbie is an experienced English teacher. She has an abiding interest in teacher cognition and speaking instruction of learners for whom English is a Second, Foreign or Other Language. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Applied Linguistics and her thesis examines expertise in oral English instruction of learners in multilingual classrooms.

Oliver Hadingham 

Oliver Hadingham teaches at Rikkyo University, in Tokyo, Japan. His research interests include CALL, CLIL, and academic writing. 

Joe Garner

Joe Garner teaches at International Christian University, in Tokyo, Japan. His research interests include academic writing, CLIL, and CALL.

Robert Ashcroft

Robert J Ashcroft teaches at Tokai University, in Sapporo, Japan. His research interests include CALL and vocabulary learning.

Robert Bushong (rbushong@udel.edu)

Robert Bushong has been teaching ESL at the University of Delaware since 2012.

Katherine Meren Fuchtman (katherine-merenfuchtman@uiowa.edu)

Katy Meren Fuchtman teaches at the University of Iowa Intensive English Program. Previously, she taught Spanish as a TA while completing an MA in TESOL/Spanish. She also taught English in various contexts in a rural Mayan village in Guatemala. Her joy of teaching stems from love of intercultural communication and language learning.

Bee Jenkins

Bee Jenkins is the TESOL Technical Officer for the American English E-Teacher Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State, at FHI 360. She previously served as an English Language Fellow in Kazakhstan and The Kyrgyz Republic.

Amy Nunamaker (ae-eteacher@fhi360.org)

Amy Nunamaker is the Program manager for the American English E-Teacher Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State, at FHI 360. She previously served as ESL Director at the American Language Institute at San Diego State University. 

Heidi Howland
Curtis Chan
John Mark King

Femia Scarfone (escarfone@fullerton.edu)

Femia Scarfone received an M.S. in Education for TESOL from California State University, Fullerton and a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of California, Berkeley. She has been involved in the field of ESL since 2006, and currently teaches full-time for California State University, Fullerton’s American Language Program and part-time for Orange Coast College, as well as Saddleback College. She currently teaches courses in advanced and beginning composition, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and public speaking. She has actively served on the CATESOL Orange County Chapter Board since 2009 and is a member of TESOL.

Christie Sosa (csosa@uci.edu)

Teresa Nguyen (tenguyen@fullerton.edu

Teresa X. Nguyen has spent over ten years teaching English to international learners, both abroad in Southeast Asia and locally in southern California. Because of her thirst to sharpen her teaching skills, she has seized every opportunity to teach a wide variety of English language learners, including business English and American culture. In 2016, Nguyen created YouTube Channel, ESL Garage, to share her experience as an ELT professional.

Annie Tran (atran95@gmail.com)

Upon earning her Master of Arts with Specialization in Teaching and Learning in a Global Society from National University, Annie Tran worked at YOLA in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, teaching and developing content and curriculum.  Shortly after returning home, she taught in the American Language Program at CSU Fullerton, teaching a range of English language and content skill courses. Currently, she is an instructor at UC Irvine in the Intensive ESL Program and at Karis Academy in Irvine, CA. During her free time, she likes to travel, read, and explore new eateries.


Nairi Issagholian (ychoice555@ucla.edu)

For the past eight years, Nairi has enjoyed helping international students studying in the United States improve their English language skills. She currently teaches at California State University, Los Angeles where she prepares students for academic & non-academic settings and also serves as a curriculum coordinator as well as a practicum mentor teacher for graduate students studying in the MA TESOL program.  Through teaching a variety of courses & working on numerous projects, Nairi has witnessed the transformational power of technology & its ability to unite learners and educators. She’s committed to constantly integrating new tools that make learning fun & engaging. 

Char Heitman (heitman@uoregon.edu)

Char Heitman is a Senior Instructor II at the American English Institute in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon.  She has been an EFL/ESL educator and teacher trainer for 28 years. Char has a Bachelor of Arts in TESOL and Spanish and a Master of Arts in Linguistics with a focus in Applied Linguistics. She has taught EFL in Japan, Holland, and Spain, and has taught ESL and done face-to-face and online teacher training at primarily the post-secondary institution level. Her professional interests include pronunciation and oral skills, course design, teacher training, International Teaching Assistant (ITA) training, materials development, alternative assessment, metacognition and project-based learning.




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